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Lisa Din Tantric sex for Beginners

Lisa Din Tantric sex for Beginners

There is more to tantra than meets the eye. Tantric sex is just but a single aspect of tantra, and if youâre wondering why you should begin adopting this approach to sex, youâll be pleased to discover there are many reasons why. Whether youâre looking to make a better connection, improve your sex life or just trying to shake up your relationship, once you set foot down this powerful sacred sexual pathway, you wonât want to go back to the way it used to be.
Once youâve decided to embrace tantric sex in your life, the old routines and habits need to be tossed out the window. Youâre beginning anew with a fresh mindset, with a focus on not just enjoying sex, but also enjoying the freedom of being able to express your pleasure. Powerful orgasms (although that isnât the main goal, mind you), orgasms that last longer, multiple orgasms, enhanced intimacy levels, and better sex life overall are some of the many wonderful benefits that await you.
It Makes You Feel More Spiritual - Spirituality is not about being religious; it is about getting in touch with your soul and what truly matters in your life. Tantra opens you to a higher connection between you and your spiritual side. Being spiritual shifts your perspective to focus on the things that should matter most to you, leads you away from being too focused or consumed about the materialistic aspects of this world we are so often caught up with.
It gets rid of the Pressure to âPerformâ - Porn has led to a lot of misconceptions about what sex should be. Porn is not bad per se, but it can make you feel pressured to live up to those unrealistic expectations that you see on screen. We fail to remember that at the end of the day, what you see on screen is nothing more than performance. Purely for entertainment purposes. Tantra helps you eliminate some of that pressure by acting as the âanti-porn.â Instead of focusing on living up to expectations, tantra slows things down with movements that teach you to appreciate being in the moment with your partner. This is someone you love, and you should take the time to show them that love. Think about this moment when it is just the two of you and no one else. Gaze lovingly into their eyes and think about all the reasons why you love them for who they are.
It Teaches You to Accept Yourself for Who You Are - The person you are right at this moment is the person you are bringing to the tantric experience you have with your partner. Embracing yourself for you who see yourself for who you are. We may not admit it out loud; many of us are afraid of letting someone else see our true selves in case they donât like what they see. Tantra teaches you to look deep into your soul and into

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Автор: Lisa Din
Язык публикации: English
Жанровый вектор:Sex
Год выпуска в свет: 2020
Издательство: Chapter
Формат публикации: pdf
Размер залитого файла: 20 мб

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